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ASITA Jakarta Travel Mart or AJTM is the only Business to Business Travel Mart for the Domestic; Inbound and Outbound Market held in Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia, authorized by the Jakarta Provincial Government of Tourism & Culture and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. After it was successfully held for the first time in 2016, the second times in 2017, and the third times in 2018, this year event will be held again on the 24 – 26 September 2019 with more growth and ensured to be a regular yearly tourism event and business meeting.

Through AJTM, Buyers and Sellers are not only can get acquainted with each other, but also will be able to directly do business contract. Additionally, AJTM is also wrapped with many interesting cultural performances. For this year’s event, in addition to the Table Top business dealing, we also will provide some spaces of exhibitions for those who wish to promote their products to the tourism professionals who will attend the event.

AJTM is strategically perfect for promoting end of year holiday trips to favorite destinations for Indonesian and International Tourists. The growing number of middle-class tourists in Jakarta with strong buying power ensures that holiday interest throughout Indonesia becomes stronger, especially on weekend and end of year holidays, making this annual event become a significant activity that should not be missed.

About Buyers

Since the beginning, AJTM is held to make Buyers; who are an owner or executives of Tour Operators (BPW) and Travel Agencies (APW) members of ASITA Jakarta to meet with Sellers; who are tourism professionals from the entire provinces of Indonesia, such as Tour Operators, Tourism Destinations, Government Tourism Offices, as well as other tourism supporting industries such as Bank, Travel Insurance Company, Transportation Company, Tourism Schools or Academies, IT Companies, Restaurants, Souvenir Shops, including Tourism Objects and Tourist Attraction in Indonesia. For this year, we will also allocate non-ASITA Jakarta member and International Tour Operators & Travel Agents, who are still an owner or executives of Tour Operators (BPW) and Travel Agencies (APW).

Target Buyer AJTM 2019

200 Tour Operators and Travel Agencies who are member of ASITA Jakarta

50 Tour Operators and Travel Agencies who are member of ASITA of Indonesia (outside Jakarta)

50 other tourism professionals who are fully licensed Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Buyers Participation

  • Free of Charge for 200 members of ASITA Jakarta, with the policy of first come – first served applied.
  • Registration fee at the amount of:
  • IDR. 75,000.- per buyer for buyers who are the member of ASITA in Indonesia outside Jakarta.
  • IDR. 100,000.- per buyer for other potential buyers of licensed Tour Operators or Travel Agents.
  • USD. 25.- per buyer for International Buyers.
  • USD. 200.- per buyer for International Buyers which include 2 (two) nights accommodation.

Buyers Facilities:

Participation of Travex on 25 September 2019 at Vertu Ballroom, Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni – Jakarta, which includes:

  • 1 Entrance Ticket or 1 ID Badge for participating Travex.
  • 2x Coffee Break and 1x Lunch during Travex.
  • Company name will be listed on the AJTM List of Buyers page along with a hyperlink to the company’s website.

Buyer Registration

for buyers registration please follow along the link:


Haris Vertu Hotel Harmoni


September 24, 2019
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